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Rutgers 2021 Commencement

Working on this year's commencement was extremely challenging for our small team. It's great to be recognized by the president of Rutgers for our work. Congratulations class of 2021.

Dear ITV Friends, Before another day goes by I want to thank all of you for your hard work on commencement. The final product is wonderful on all levels and I am in your debt. (My mother-in-law has watched the entire ceremony and approves…she’s an exacting critic so you can’t get much better than that.)

I know enough about pulling off a commencement to know that it is never easy. And although this wasn’t your first time producing a remote commencement I still know that this had to be tremendously challenging. Thank you so much for shining a great light on Rutgers and on all of our graduates. Your story-telling was compelling and inclusive and forward-thinking—just as it should have been.

Well done! Warmly, Jonathan -- Jonathan Holloway President & University Professor Rutgers University


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